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Tips to Improve your Driving Skills


Tips to Improve your Driving Skills Navigating through different highways can be fun. Whether you are a new driver, a student driver, or an experienced driver, it is necessary to embrace road safety. You can embrace this by utilizing proper driving skills to reduce the incidence of accidents. several distractions can distract even the most careful and experienced driver on modern roads. These distractions are responsible for the rampancy of road accidents in modern settings. Given this, it is crucial to embrace safe driving at all costs. Here are some tips to improve your driving skills. 1. Take Time to [...]

Tips to Improve your Driving Skills2022-12-21T22:17:41+00:00

25 Mistakes a New Driver Should Avoid Every Year


Whether you went to driving school or took driving lessons, you've passed your driving test and have your permit or license. You're ready to take the roads...or are you? Regardless of how well you did in driver's ed or your new driver program, you need to be mindful of 25 mistakes a new driver should avoid in 2023. 25 Mistakes Improperly Adjusted Driver's Seat: Failing to position your car seat properly can lead you to overextending your arms, legs, or both. This reduces how much control you have over your vehicle. This is more than just staying comfortable and [...]

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